Increase Organic Traffic

650%+ uplift in organic traffic in 7 months 👈 Using Search Engine Optimization

Resources involved:
1 SEO Freelancer (me)
1 Project Manager (client)
1 Developer (client)
3 to 5 Writers (in-house and freelancers)

A client has consistently published 4-6 articles per week for more than a year.

On top of another content area, they were developing.

But organic users were tanked to 20-40 users per day – for months.

In the space of 8 months analyzed (January to August), with 1,600+ pages:
👎 Less than 20 reached 100 organic users
👎 1,200+ pages didn’t get 10 organic users
👉 Very little seasonality for this client

They then decided to hire me to support their organic growth using Search Engine Optimization

👉 After a Search Engine Optimization audit I prioritized the most impactful recommendations.

👉 Pages access was often difficult and structure confusing.
I developed a plan to work on the most impactful technical opportunities.

👉 For current content, I made the most of what was already published.
A large number of pages didn’t have a focus in terms of audience and topic, I worked with the team to make sure that every page could target a specific topic.

👉 Internal linking.
I developed a custom framework to allow each page to be connected with the most relevant parent or child page.

👉 When recommendations were taken into consideration, I made keyword research & content creation into action, to achieve business goals and values.

Organic users increased by more than 650% with limited resources. And continues to grow.

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