How I help to increase ? Revenue for the training institute.

SEO Case Study
Revenue Increased using SEO Strategies

SEO Case Study:

🚀1,600% increase in Revenue in 12 months 📈
($1,700 to $30,000+)
As a secondary goal, I managed to increase their traffic by 230%.

A few months ago, I worked with a client in the training space. 

The business was struggling to attract leads.

99% of their customers were from 3rd party websites and organized groups.
With high commissions.

They wanted commission-free independent students.

They were struggling.

Our work was 90% focused on improving their website.
Very little content.

With the following results:
🕛Before: 2-3 leads per MONTH.
🕕After: 2-3 leads per DAY.

The average student worth $700
The conversion rate is close to 80%

👉They went from ~$1,700 to $30,000+ per month👈

Traffic didn’t increase massively.
Their actual goal did.

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