Strategy to increase the traffic for the packing site

Daily organic traffic ⬆️ 500% over 6 months … 700 daily clicks to 2.28k daily clicks ?
Here’s the SEO case study with our EXACT strategy?

The Client ?
✳️Offers Packaging Boxes
✳️ Domain purchased on 02/2019 (new, clean domain)
✳️5,000 organic monthly traffic

The Goal ?
✳️ Increase organic monthly traffic
✳️ Rank for “money pages” (or course pages, in the client’s case)

The Problems ?
✴️ Packaging pages had salesly content – no potential to rank for difficult keywords
✴️ Low domain authority
✴️ No contextual backlinks
✴️ Technical SEO issues (duplicate titles, canonicalization, content and so on)

We had our work cut out for us! Here’s how we approached the case:

Our Strategy ?
✅ Use Miro to create, visualize, and enhance the website architecture
✅ Identify new keywords, and assigned a primary keyword to each target page
✅ Optimize all content on each target page according to those primary keywords
✅ Run search intent analysis and restructure each “money page” to meet that intent
✅ Instead of writing blog posts to rank for target keywords, we designed current landing pages with long-form content about the assessment test
✅ We promoted the client’s product on the sidebar of each content page indirectly

Hint: we used Google Search Console to figure out all the queries that the page was ranking for and used the most relevant queries that had high impressions as anchor texts.

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