Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising


With Amazon now accounting for over 50% of all Ecommerce sales, dialing in your Amazon Advertising strategies has never been more important. Logical Position is an Amazon Advertising Partner Agency positioned to help businesses of all sizes carve out their piece of the Amazon pie. Talk with one of our Amazon Advertising experts today about how we can help your business realize it’s true potential on the largest Ecommerce platform in history.

How it Works

We leverage all available ad types on the Amazon platform to create a cohesive strategy for brand growth and profitability. We build strategic granular account structures that are designed to take control back from the Amazon platform and drive the results that our clients are looking for. Our unique approach to Amazon Advertising allows us to provide the analysis and insights necessary to continuously adapt our client’s strategies to the ever-changing complexities of the Amazon ecosystem ever-changing.

Advantages of Amazon Advertising


Grow Your Brand

Over 80% of customers use Amazon to discover new Products or Brands making it an epicenter for new brand growth opportunities. We pride ourselves in helping brands engage these potential customers at just the right time to drives sales and grow your customer acquisition efforts in the most cost effective way possible


Increase Organic Sales

Amazon is the first platform to link your organic rankings with your advertising efforts. Amazon’s organic ranking algorithm is primarily focused on sales volume and velocity. With strategically designed campaigns to drive these important metrics we can help improve your organic visibility and drive more sales. 40% of customers never go past the first page of results on Amazon. If you are not getting first-page visibility on your key terms, then you are only scratching the surface of your potential on the platform.

Get Ahead

Working with an Amazon Advertising Agency Partner means we can help you stay ahead of the competition with early access to betas, industry insights, and new tools to drive success. We are always leveraging the newest features available to keep you on the cutting edge of everything Amazon has to offer.


International Support

We make it easy to add on additional marketplaces to grow your brand across the world. We have extensive experience running Amazon Advertising in all available Amazon marketplaces across the globe and look forward to leveraging that experience to help you expand into new and emerging markets.


Goal Setting

Our Amazon experts will help you evaluate and set goals that drive success.

Dedicated Management

Work directly with your dedicated Account Manager & Amazon Advertising Specialist.

New Campaign Creation

We will create all new campaigns specifically designed to achieve your business goals.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization & Analysis

Our Amazon Advertising Specialists continually analyze campaign performance and optimizing to drive continued success.

Drive Product Awareness with Design

Our Creative team can assist with additional design services like Sponsored Brands Video to help boost your campaign, or A+ Content design to enhance product listings.

Starter Pack

Best For Small Business
$ 349
  • Sponsored Products Management
  • Sponsored Brands Management
  • Sponsored Display Management
  • New Campaign Creation
  • Custom Review Calls
  • Goal Setting & Growth Strategy
  • International Support

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